Mindfulness in business.

Mindfulness supports a healthy workplace culture and helps individuals become less reactive and defensive, and more creative, effective and productive.

Do any of these sound familiar in your organisation?
  • People are stressed and not communicating well with each other, or their customers and clients.
  • Decisions are being rushed or mistakes being made through inattentiveness.
  • Relationships in the workplace are under pressure.
  • You’ve observed patterns of reactivity, judgment, and defensiveness amongst your team, or across teams.
  • Wellbeing and productivity are not as healthy as they might be.
  • Work-life balance or a holistic workplace are important.
  • Building a culture of growth, sustainability, adaptability and resilience is important.

More and more organisations, corporations, and businesses large and small are introducing mindfulness into the workplace and reaping the benefits. Mindfulness plays a significant part in helping people flourish psychologically, and research supports that high levels of psychological health translate positively in the workplace.

Mindfulness brings improved employee effectiveness, wellbeing and retention, and has a positive impact on the quality of your product and the satisfaction of your customers.

“Mindset and energy exchange are an essential component of a successful retailer and our team felt invigorated after your session.”

Tiffiney Scott, National Sales Manager, KILT