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Here at MindfulNation we’ve used the nationwide 5 week lockdown ‘Pause Button’ to stop and reflect on what really brings us a sense of joy and peace and how we want to re-engage with the world around us.  Like many, we’ve been experimenting with Zoom, and figuring out how to deliver what we do online.  We’ve also been reviewing our programs to ensure what we’ll be offering online will not only make our hearts sing, but will specifically meet your needs in this new world we’re all entering, both in the workplace and on the home-front.  As the saying goes, “the only constant is change” and right now there’s a lot of it!  Aotearoa New Zealand has shown as a nation that we’re up for the task ahead.

We’ll be bringing you news of the changes we’re making at MindfulNation very soon.  Meantime, stay well and stay in touch……

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Learn how to focus your attention in the present moment without being overwhelmed by thoughts, events, and circumstances.
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Mindfulness brings improved employee effectiveness, wellbeing and retention, and has a positive impact on the quality of your product.
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Improve self-awareness and learn new relationship skills to become more effective in your working world and personal life.

Tailored training for your needs.

Learn how to apply mindfulness concepts, principles and techniques in day-to-day life, and how to resolve existing situations.
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